What to major in

Contrary to popular belief, we are actually at this University to get a degree. I know I like to believe that I am here to do some damage to my liver, learn from my mistakes and find who I am in this complex world, but in all reality I am here to get an education.  … Continue reading


Living on campus at Lewis has it’s perks…you’re constantly surrounded by people, are able to create memories at any point and you can roll out of bed at 7:55 for your 8 a.m. class. However, to live on campus, there are a few secrets you should be aware of. First things first, when signing up … Continue reading

Studying? Try out these spots

For any of you that have checked out our library lately, you’ll realize there have been a few new changes to the layout. While the new set-up is much more modern and enhances my Feng Shui, the set up creates a much more social environment. That girl chatting on her cell phone, yeah she is … Continue reading

Hello Lewis!

Welcome to my blog! I’m in the process of generally setting up the site and getting used to the in’s and out’s of word press. This blog is set up to help you…yes YOU…survive this crazy college experience that you have been thrown into. You’re living in Romeoville for the next four (or more) years, … Continue reading